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    new orleans segway tour promo code

    Cruise the French Quarter, Garden District, Bourbon Street, Mississippi Waterway and beyond on a cool Segway! Who needs a walking tour when you could be relaxing on an easy to use Segway? Segway's are the next generation of anti-walking technology, simple to maneuver, fun to ride, and safer than bikes, skateboards, hangliders, and fusion powered jet packs. Each tour guide will help every tour goer get the feel for the Segway before taking off, and will personally narrate and guide the tour from start to finish. Originally created for mall security guards and eccentric tech billionares to navigate their massive stores of sci-fi memorabilia, Segways have grown as a leading means of transportation through city streets. Segways carry a 12 and up age limit, and all rentals include safety gear, so book your Segway tour today!

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    segway tour promo codes

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